Frequently asked questions

Q: Why did I choose to write a book about our toddler Benjamin?
A: Initially, I set out to write a blog about everything Benjamin would get up to on a daily basis. One morning, I told my partner Matt about it and he suggested I write a book about him. I have talked about writing a book for many years, and I had plenty of material on Benjamin, so the blog turned into a book.

Q: How hard was it to determine Benjamin's thoughts and way of thinking?
A: Wasn't at all hard. Ever since Benjamin was born, we (Matt and I) found it funny to put words or captions into something that Benjamin has done or going to do! We found it was our little taste of sanity in the reality of madness, so it really wasn't that hard, all we had to do was write it down. In addition, he is that predictable at times we can almost pre-empt what he is thinking.

Q: Why have we chosen to support the "The Kids Cancer Project"?
A: There are a few research facilities that are researching a cure for children's cancer. We have looked at quite a few of them and found that the research that the "The Kids Cancer Project" are currently undertaking is on the verge of a breakthrough. We want to be a part of this, along with our readers and do whatever we can do to help research to get the answers.

When we were in PMH (Princess Margaret Hospital) with our daughter Abiagael, we saw a young boy, very sick, undergoing chemotherapy. He looked over at us and there was a look of exhaustion, and a cry for help. He was obviously very sick and in the advanced stages. We knew then and there what our purpose was. No child nor any adult for that matter should ever have to feel this way and by doing our part, we can make a difference. We truly believe that by raising the enough funds we can find a cure for two of the most common childhood cancers, brain tumours and neuroblastoma


Q: How much from the book goes to supporting the Kids Cancer Project via sales of the book?
A: 10 percent of the profits will go to "The Kids Cancer Project". We aim to achieve awareness that these cancers can be cured and with more funding for further research we will do this. We are hoping to expand with our next project to provide accommodation for those who are less fortunate than ourselves who have sick children and need to be away from home to support their children.

Q: What's next for Little Shytes?
A: Yes there will be more of "Little Shytes". We have started working on the next book as she has a lot more stories to share. We will continue writing and publishing our books until we have succeeding in our goals to cure children's cancer and to build support accommodation.