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"This book is my way of sharing some of the funny sides of a phase most parents have to endure, often with gritted teeth, sometimes by taking deep breaths or having a ten-second time-out in the privacy of their bedroom" - Lisa

"I am into any electronic devices: phones, remote controls, vacuum cleaners-you name it. If I can get my hands on it, I will"

"As we watched Benjamin throw the camera on the floor, our hearts sank. I don't think either of us moved or spoke for at least a minute; we just stood there, looking at the camera-we knew it was broken"

"They remind me of the "not supposed to touch" rule and make it clear that they are serious this time"

"I really don't understand why mum and dad are allowed to do things that I'm not. I can't talk about it to them; the only way is to keep doing the same things over and over until they either understand or tire of telling me not to touch and give up"


"Little Shytes.. Confessions of a Toddler, is one of the funniest tales I have ever read. The witty text, make this book an extremely entertaining read and will appeal to anyone who has a toddler" - Angela Keyser

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