About Us

Matt and I met at a stage in our lives where we were both ready for a family, no mucking around, so within the first few months of our relationship, we both had it made it quite to clear to each other that we were on the same track, we wanted kids and of course with each other.

However, there was one minor obstacle in our way, and that was we were both living in separate countries at the time that we met! So the family side of things had to wait until I moved over to Victoria, Australia, a year later. After several attempts at IUI, it became clear that this was not going to be as easy we first thought to fall pregnant.
After an appointment with a specialist, a few forms filled out and a massive amount of money, we went down the route of IVF. You have to go through counselling prior to starting any treatment or cycles and they advise you that IVF is one of the hardest processes to go through. We didn't care, all we wanted was the family we had both dreamed of for so long. It would be worth the hardship just to hold a baby in our arms that was ours. Once that happened the rest would be easy because we had looked after babies and children before, okay, not on a full time basis, but we got the gist of it!

I fell pregnant on the second attempt of IVF, it was all very exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Advice was thrown at us from every direction, parents, doctors, leaflets, posters, and of course Dr Google! When you start IVF, you have to wait for two weeks before your blood test to see if you are pregnant, longest two weeks of your life. Then you find out you are pregnant, and for a moment you are so excited and all your worries dissipate. You then have to go through scans to see if the baby is growing at a good rate. As the baby grows, you feel the kicks, the movements, the hiccups, so you feel assured that all is well, until you haven't felt the baby move for an hour, so you would gulp down a glass of ice cold water or have bar of chocolate and that would wake the baby! The anxiety just builds and you know that until that baby is in your arms, only then do you feel in control. Well that was what we thought, then Benjamin came into the world and that thought we had of control? Went right out the window! Benjamin took hold of our lives, gave them a good shake, tipped them upside down and stood back to watch us get back up on our feet, which we did eventually! It didn't take us long to realise that all that we thought we knew, every bit of advice we gave to a struggling or sleep deprived parent or watching a temper tantrum from afar…we knew NOTHING!!! We were stripped bare and had to learn from scratch.

We had spent hours on the phone talking to child care professionals, or other parents to get some advice as we thought we were getting it wrong. However, little advice seemed to help us and as we approached the terrible twos, we needed to figure out this little chap and fast. At first, the idea was to set up a blog to add a bit of humour to it all and perhaps meet some parents who were as equally struggling.


However, we weren't sure how that would help us as we had been down that road before. That's when we realised, we needed to think like Benjamin in order to work out why he does the things he does, however you cannot put yourself in that frame of mind all of the time because that would drive you insane! Putting something into a cup, then taking it out, then putting it back in over and over again, is not something I wanted to analyse but for Benjamin, it had a purpose in his mind!

The idea of the blog was scrapped and pen was put to paper which is now known as Little Shytes - Confessions of a Toddler. It has taken nearly a year to get to where are now and as the Ebook was going through its final stages, our lives had taken a bit of a turn with our baby girl Abiagael. It was discovered through a physiotherapy appointment and then x-rays,that Abiagael's right hip socket had not formed properly and was not in position. So she was referred to a specialist at Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth and the diagnosis was confirmed, displaysia of the right hip. She underwent surgery on the 11th November where it was corrected and will need to be in a spica for 12 weeks.
During all this, we had to visit PMH several times and saw some very sick children. One little boy was clearly very sick with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, he was in a wheelchair and our eyes met. He should be outside playing with his friends and enjoying life! He touched our hearts and lives in many ways. We knew then and there what our purpose was. No child, nor any adult for that matter should ever have to feel this way and by doing our part, we can make a difference. We truly believe that by raising the enough funds we can find a cure for two of the most common childhood cancers, brain tumours and neuroblastoma. We also know of a little baby Isobelle Rose who is a four month old baby girl, with a rare form of leukaemia, she too needs our help. We have always tried to do our part for charitable organisations over the years, however, when you have your own children, you want to do more. You want to make a difference.

That's when we knew that this Ebook may be the way to make such a difference and after some extensive research, we contacted The Kids Cancer Project. Now, with the agreement from The Kids Cancer Project, we are proudly supporting the organisation with percentage of every Ebook sold and our aim is to reach $1,000,000 to aid research and find a cure or prevention. No baby or child should ever have to live with cancer and if we can be part of making that dream a reality, we are in it 100%. Our other goals are to provide accommodation to those people who are less fortunate than ourselves, who have to travel great distances for their children to receive specialist care or be in hospital.
Why did we chosen to support the "The Kids Cancer Project"? There are a few research facilities that are researching a cure for children's cancer. We have looked at quite a few of them and found that the research that the "The Kids Cancer Project" is currently undertaking is on the verge of a breakthrough. We want to be a part of this, along with our readers and do whatever we can do to help research to get the answers. ~ Lisa